Use this form to see the basis for the closing, or the adjustment made of the inventory.

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Overview tab

View a list of transaction details for the settlement.

General tab

View the settlement details for the transaction selected on the tab.

View the posted adjustment in the ledger.

Dimension tab

Set up inventory dimensions for the selected transaction.




View all settlement transactions attached to the transaction.

View settlements in a tree structure for tracing through bill of materials (BOM) levels.

View related inventory transactions.

View attached ledger transactions.




Shows the record's item number identification.

Shows the module that generated the transaction.

Shows the number of the reference type specified in the .

Transaction number associated with the settlement transaction.

Shows the settlement principle used from Setup/Parameters/Inventory model.

Shows the posted correction of item consumption resulting from the settlement.

Any marking here means that the settlement has been canceled.

Shows the date of the update.

Shows the voucher number used.

Shows the lot id that the settlement refers to.

Shows the quantity that has been financially settled.

Shows the cost value that has been financially settled.

Shows the settlement type and can take on one of the following values: Receipt, Issue, Complete adjustment, Adjustment of balance, and Conversion.

Shows the module that the adjustment refers to.

Shows the identification of the item group used.

Shows the profit and loss account's posting type.

Shows the adjusted profit and loss account.

Shows the posting type that is associated with the balance account.

Shows the balance account used for the adjustment.

If this field is marked, the settlement has been posted to Ledger.

This dimension field specifies any Department used.

This dimension field specifies any Cost center used.

This dimension field specifies any Purpose used.