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Use this form to calculate the sales tax that is due for a given period.

The settlement calculation includes the posted sales tax for the selected settlement period for the tax transactions in the form. The calculation only includes the sales tax that has not yet been paid to the sales tax authority.

You can make several payments for a single period. To post the settlement automatically, specify a number sequence for the voucher on the tab in the form.

If you have created a vendor account for the sales tax authority on the settlement period, a vendor transaction is created automatically when you select the check box and click OK. If no vendor account is specified, an employee must manually create a payment to the sales tax authority to pay the sales tax owed for the settlement period.

Tip Tip

To report the sales tax payment correctly to the sales tax authority, select the correct report format in the field on the form.

To print or view the settled sales taxes for a settlement period, specify the report details in the form.

Navigating the form

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.




Select the settlement period for which you are calculating the sales tax payment.

Specify the first day of the sales tax settlement period to be calculated. This corresponds to the date in the field on the form.

Specify the date for which the sales tax report is calculated. The default value is the system date, but you can change this date.

For example, if you enter the end date of the settlement period that is used in the field – the field on the form – the sales tax payment is calculated for all transactions that are posted in the settlement period.

Select the kind of transactions to include in the sale tax payment calculation:

  • - Sales tax transactions of the first posted settlement calculation for the period interval.

  • - Sales tax transactions not included in the first posted settlement calculation for the period interval. The report includes all subsequent payments that are posted for the settlement period.

  • - Sales tax transactions included in the most recent settlement calculation made for the period. If you select the check box and this option, the settlement calculation of the current job is the most recent settlement calculation.

  • - All sales tax transactions to be settled in the current period.

Note Note

This field is not available if you select the check box on the tab of the form.

Select this check box to post the sales tax payment calculations for the settlement period.

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