You can use the Intrastat report to view the transaction date, item number, commodity code, transaction direction, shipment weight in kilograms, transaction amount, amount in the default currency, additional value, and statistical value of goods in a shipment. You can also view the weight per unit in kilograms, net weight of the shipment in kilograms, and additional units in the shipment. You can also modify the codes for the statistical procedure and special movements.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastat.

  2. In the Previous declaration identifierfield, enter the declaration ID of the original Intrastat line.

  3. Click Transfer-CZto open the Selectionform.

  4. Select the appropriate check boxes to indicate the document types from which the transactions are to be transferred.

  5. In the Exchange rates datefield, select the date for the currency exchange rate.

  6. Click Selectto open the Inquiryform, and then select the criteria by which the transactions are to be transferred. Click OK.

  7. In the Selectionform, click OKto transfer the transactions to the Intrastatform.

  8. Click Output, and then select one of the following options to save or print the report.

    • Diskette-CZ– Saves the report in ASCII or CSV format.

    • List-CZ– Prints the Intrastat transactions in Czech layout.

    • Form-CZ– Prints the report using the Microsoft Excel Intrastat template.

  9. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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