You can create a ledger journal only if these land tax registers are set up, calculated, and approved:

  • Land tax - ground areas

  • Land tax

  1. Click Fixed assets> Common Forms> Tax register journal> Ledger journal> Land taxto open the Journalform.

  2. Click Create> Create journalto create a new journal.

  3. In the Calculation periodfield, select a month and year for the calculation period.

  4. In the Namefield, select the name of the journal.

  5. Click Linesto view the journal lines that are created based on the register data and the assigned compression level.

  6. Click Post> Postto post the transactions.

    Note Note

    In the Journalform, the Postedfield is activated after the journal is posted.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

Note Note

For more information, see "Create and validate a journal and journal lines" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

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