You can generate a TORG-13 Invoice for internal transfer, movement of goods, and packaging by using the transfer inventory journal.

  1. Click Inventory management> Journals> Item transaction> Transfer.

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    For more information, see "Inventory journal (form) in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  2. Click Print> Transfer slipto generate a transfer invoice for the selected journal.

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    The quantity and price in the report are transferred from the journal line. If all Fromand Towarehouses are the same, their names are displayed in the invoice title. If the warehouses are different, the names are not displayed. Generated invoices are stored in the Requirements slip journal.

  3. Click OKto generate the report.

  4. Click Inventory management> Inquires> Journals> Transfer slip.

  5. Click Showto open the Print - Transfer slipform and view the generated transfer slip details.

  6. Click OKto reprint the report.

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