This section provides a list of country-specific reports for Latvia that are generated for General ledger.

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For more information about General ledger reports, see "General ledger reports" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

The following table lists the General ledger reports.

Business process component

Report name


Prepare pre-closing reports overview

Asset counting (report)

Print the fixed asset counting statement.

Asset movement (report)

Print a list of fixed asset movements within a specified time period.

Asset record (report)

Print the details of a specific fixed asset that is acquired or not acquired based on the selection criteria.

Depreciation summary (report)

Print a fixed asset depreciation summary for a specified time period.

Fixed asset Acquisition Statement (report)

Print the details of the fixed asset acquisition statement.

Fixed asset disposals (report)

Print a list of fixed assets that were disposed of within a specified time period.

Fixed asset note (report)

Print a list of fixed asset notes within a specific calendar year.

Fully depreciated (report)

Print a list of fully depreciated fixed assets.

Ledger journal transactions (report)

Print ledger journal transactions for a selected voucher.

Tax depreciation - details (report)

Print tax depreciation details for fixed assets.

Tax depreciation (report)

Print an itemization of tax depreciation for fixed assets.

Usage of receipts on transactions in cash (report)

Print a legally compliant sales tax report at the end of every quarter.