When the repair cost for a fixed asset exceeds 50 percent of its acquisition value, the net balance value of the asset increases by the repair amount. Repair information must be stored for all fixed assets. You can print a report that includes information about the repair.

  1. Click General ledger> Common Forms> Fixed Asset Detailsto open the Fixed assetsform.

  2. Select the fixed asset, and then click Value modelsto open the Value modelsform.

  3. Select the value model for the fixed asset, and then click Repairto open the Repairform.

  4. In the Datefield, enter the date that the fixed asset was repaired.

  5. In the Transaction textfield, describe the repair.

  6. In the Repair amountfield, enter the repair cost.

  7. In the Documentfield, enter the repair document number.

  8. Click Totalsto open the Repair amountform.

  9. In the Fiscal yearfield, view the fiscal year to generate the repair statement, or, in the From dateand To datefields, select the starting and ending date of the statement period.

  10. In the Repair amountfield, the repair cost is displayed.

  11. In the Repair percentfield, the repair percentage is displayed.

  12. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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