You can correct the VAT base and VAT amount on taxable supplies by using the sales credit note. This is necessary when delivered goods are canceled, returned partially or wholly, when there is a change in the business condition, or when there are errors in the invoices.

Note Note

You must select Transaction date for VAT register period (LedgerBasicVatDueDate_W)configuration key in the Configurationform.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Sales Order Details> Posting> Invoice> Functions> Create credit note


    Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Free Text Invoice Details


    Accounts receivable> Journals> Sales order> Sales journal> Functions> Create credit note> OK> Posting> Invoice


    Accounts receivable> Journals> Sales order> Blanket order> Functions> Create credit note> OK> Posting> Invoice.

  2. Select the Postponed VATcheck box to postpone the VAT reporting for a sales credit note.

    Note Note

    When the VAT report is postponed for a specific credit note, the updated fulfillment date and the VAT register date are not available until the customer accepts the credit note.

Update the postponed VAT register date

  1. Click General ledger> Periodic> VAT register transactions.

  2. Click Date of VAT registerto update the VAT transactions after the customer submits acceptance of the issued sales credit note.

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