1. Click Bank> Periodic> Cash receipts updateto open the Cash receipt updateform.

  2. On the Generaltab, in the From datefield, enter the starting date of the transaction.

  3. In the To datefield, enter the ending date of the transaction.

  4. In the Batch no.field, select the cash receipts batch identifier.

    Note Note

    You can view the selected ranges and their values in the Cashfield.

  5. On the Batchtab, select the Batch processingcheck box to run the job as a batch job.

  6. In the Captionfield, enter a description of the task.

  7. In the Batch groupfield, enter or select the group that the task is attached to.

  8. Select the Privatecheck box if only the user who ordered the task can run it.

  9. Click OK.

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