In the Sales orderform, you can enter additional information to print on a packing slip and an invoice.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Sales Order Detailsto open the Sales orderform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new sales order, and enter the required details.

  3. Click the Transportation invoicestab.

  4. Select the Transportation propertiescheck box to print the transportation information on the invoice report.

  5. In the UTC Timestampfield, enter the date and the time when the sales invoice was created.

  6. In the Createdfield, enter the location where the sales invoice was created.

  7. In the Modelfield, select the model of the transportation vehicle.

  8. In the Reg. No.and Trailer Reg. No.fields, enter the registration numbers of the vehicle and the trailer.

  9. In the Carrier typefield, select the carrier. The options are Customer, Vendor, or Invoice account.

  10. In the Carrierfield, select the carrier's account number.

    Note Note

    You can select the carrier only if Customeror Vendoris selected in the Carrier typefield.

  11. In the Driverfield, select the driver of the vehicle.

    Note Note

    The name of the selected driver is displayed in the Driver's namefield.

  12. In the Issued byfield, select the name of the person who is responsible for issuing the load for transport.

  13. In the Packagefield, enter a short description of the item.

  14. In the Danger degree of the loadfield, enter the danger level in degrees for the packaged item.

  15. Click the Loadedtab.

  16. In the UTC Timestampfield, enter the date and time that the goods were loaded.

  17. Click Loading addressto open the Alt addressform, and then select the alternative delivery address for the recipient.

  18. Click Transferto transfer the address details to the fields under the Loading addressfield group, and then close the form.

  19. Click Posting> Packing slipand select the Print packing slipcheck box to print the packing slip while posting the packing slip.

  20. Click OKto post the packing slip. The transportation and address details will be printed in the packing slip report.

  21. Click Posting> Invoiceand select the Print invoicecheck box to print the invoice while posting the invoice.

  22. Click OKto post the invoice. The details of transaction, transportation, and addresses will be printed in the invoice report.

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