Czech Republic legislation and customary accounting practices require implementation of additional fields into external printed sales documents. The information that has been added to sales document formats includes:

  • Information required by Czech Republic law.

  • Additional information required by customers.

You can view user details, such as employee name, telephone number, mobile phone number, and e-mail address, and bank account details, such as the IBAN account number and SWIFT bank code, in the printed sales invoice. These details are also shown on the printed free text invoice, project invoice, credit note, and tax document. You can also view the correction of any inaccurately translated text in the customer invoice reports and the tax document report.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Common Forms> Sales Order Details.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new sales order, and enter the required details.

  3. On the Setuptab, in the Sales responsiblefield, select the employee responsible for processing the sales order.

    Note Note

    You must enter the employee's name, telephone number, mobile number, and e-mail address in the Employeeform. For more information, see "Employee (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  4. On the Price/Discounttab, in the Bank accountfield, select the company bank account.

    Note Note

    You must enter the SWIFT code and IBAN account number in the Bank accountsform. For more information, see "Bank accounts (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  5. Click Posting> Invoiceto open the Posting invoiceform.

  6. Select the Print invoicecheck box, and then click OKto print the invoice.

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