Normally, the inventory value of a fixed asset is calculated based on the cost of the item at purchase. To comply with Hungarian accounting law, when you move a fixed asset to inventory, the inventory value must be equal to the net book value of the fixed asset.

  1. Click General ledger> Journals> Inventory to fixed assets> Linesto open the Journal lines, Inventoryform.

  2. In the Fixed asset numberfield, select the fixed asset.

  3. In the Transaction typefield, select Disposal-scrap.

    Note Note

    The cost price is calculated automatically based on the current net book value of the selected asset.

  4. In the Item numberfield, select the item to move the fixed asset to inventory.

  5. In the Quantityfield, select the quantity of the item.

    Note Note

    You must use a negative quantity in the Quantityfield.

  6. Click Validateto open the Check journalform.

  7. Click OKto validate the form.

  8. Click Postto post the journal.

    Note Note

    The fixed asset is then disposed off, and a profit or loss transaction, based on the difference between the standard cost of the fixed asset and its current net book value, is automatically generated.

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