The Lithuanian market began using LITAS, the unified electronic banking system, in 2005. LITAS is the unified file format used to export foreign vendor payments from the company accounting system to the banking system.

  1. Click Accounts payable> Journals> Payments> Payment journal.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal, and enter the required details.

  3. Click Lines, and then create payment journal lines or select open transactions to settle.

  4. Enter the required details.

  5. In the Method of paymentfield, select the method of payment for the current payment.

  6. In the Debitfield, enter the debit amount in the given currency.

    Note Note

    If sufficient funds in the currency indicated in the payment order are not available, the deficient amount must be converted from the selected currency.

  7. Click the Paymenttab.

  8. In the Payment purposefield, enter the purpose of the payment.

  9. In the Payment priorityfield, select the payment priority.

  10. In the Foreign bank feefield, select the appropriate fee type.

  11. Select the Inform by telexcheck box, if the payment must be announced by telex.

  12. Select the Inform by phonecheck box, if the payment must be announced by phone.

  13. Click Functions> Generate paymentsto open the Generate paymentsform.

  14. Click Payment methodand, in the Method of paymentfield, select the vendor method of payment. Or, click Export formatand, in the Export formatfield, select the format for export of payments.

  15. In the Bank accountfield, select the bank account number.

  16. Check the Show format dialogcheckbox to display the payment format before generating payments.

  17. Click Selectto specify details for the journal lines.

  18. Click Dialogand in the File namefield, select the file path and name. Click OK.

  19. Click OKin the Generate paymentsform to generate the payment transfer.

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