After register calculation, the register lines are displayed. The register lines are numbered, and the heading and total lines are marked with special icons.

  1. Click General ledger> Journals> Tax register journal> Lines> Register lines


    Fixed assets> Common Forms> Tax register journal> Lines> Register lines.

  2. Click the General tab, and view the calculated line information in the following fields:

    • Line number– The tax register line number.

    • Register code– The tax register code.

    • Journal number– The tax register journal number.

    • Period type– The time period.

    • Period number– The period number of the tax register.

    • Years– The year of register creation.

    • Expense code– The expense code of the register line.

    • Line type– The type of the register line.

    • Description– The description of the register line.

    • Manual data input– Activated if the line was entered manually.

    • Corrected– Activated if the register line has undergone manual changes.

    • Reference– Reference field in a different table.

  3. Click Filter> Filterto filter the register records and enter the filter criteria.

  4. Click Filter> Deleteto remove the filter.

  5. Click Sourceto open the primary document on the basis of which the line was created.

    Note Note

    You cannot open the primary document if the register line is displayed by the addition of transactions.

  6. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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