Under Lithuanian tax law, companies must declare Intrastat transactions with other members of the European Union to the tax authorities. The Intrastat report must include the details concerning the Intrastat agent and the statistical value for the Intrastat transaction. When reporting triangular transactions between an EU and a non-EU country in which the consignment is loaded in another EU country, you must specify the loading country, the region, and the state in the report.

You can export Intrastat reports in XML format. You can also validate and compress Intrastat order lines by loading countries, regions, states, and other specific items into the Intrastat table.

  1. Click Basic> Setup> Foreign trade> Intrastat parametersto open the Foreign trade parametersform.

  2. In the Credit notefield, select the transaction code for the credit note lines in a sales and purchase order.

  3. In the Check setupfield group, select the required check boxes.

  4. Click Compressto open the Compression of Intrastatform.

  5. In the Availablefield, select the options for Commodity, Transaction code, Country/region of origin, Direction, Transport, and Delivery terms and Loading country/region. Click <to add each option to the Selectedfield. The Intrastat order lines with similar data are compressed into one line.

  6. Click the Number sequencestab.

  7. In the Number sequence codefield, select the number sequence code for the Referencetype Intrastat.

  8. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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