1. Click General ledger> Inquiries> Fixed assets> Packing slipto open the Fixed asset packing slipform.

  2. Select the packing slip for which to change the properties, and then click Functions> Change propertiesto open the form.

  3. In the Correction blockfield, enter the new packing slip properties.

  4. In the Createdfield, enter the location where the document was created.

  5. In the Model, Reg. No., and Trailer No., enter the model of the transport vehicle, and the registration number of the vehicle and the trailer.

  6. In the Carrier typefield, select the carrier. The options are Customeror Vendoror Invoice account.

  7. In the Carrierfield, select the carrier's account number.

  8. In the Driverfield, select the code of the driver of the vehicle. The selected driver's name is displayed in the Driver's namefield.

  9. In the Issued byfield, select the name of the person who is responsible for issuing the load for transport.

  10. In the Packagefield, enter a short description of the item.

  11. In the Danger degree of the loadfield, enter the danger level in degrees for the packaged item.

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