The interest note report displays the interest amount in the foreign currency and in the company's default currency. When interest is posted in General ledger, another exchange rate is taken into account to calculate the interest amount in the default currency.

You can use the Interest noteform to edit, print, and update the interest note proposals that are generated in the Interest calculationform.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Periodic> Interest and collection letter> Interest noteto open the Interest noteform.

  2. Select an interest note proposal line.

  3. Click Print> OKto print an interest note report.

  4. In the Interest noteform, click Postto open the Post interest noteform.

  5. In the Posting datefield, select the date for posting the interest note and fees.

    Note Note

    The date in the Posting datefield is retrieved from the Note exposure datefield.

  6. Select the Interest per transactioncheck box to create one general ledger transaction for each interest note.

  7. Click OKto post the interest note.

    Note Note

    The interest note is created and posted with the exchange rate taken according to the date from the Note exposure datefield.

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