Lithuanian law stipulates that, if a company moves a fixed asset from one department to the other and those departments are not in the same physical area (for example, different towns or districts), a packing slip must be printed to verify the transportation. The packing slips can be numbered automatically or manually.

  1. Click General Ledger> Common Forms> Fixed Assets Detailsto open the Fixed assetsform.

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    For more information, see "Fixed assets (form)" in the Application and Business Processes Help.

  2. Select the fixed asset with an Openstatus to be moved, and click Functions> Change Fixed asset groupto open the Change fixed asset groupform.

  3. In the Replace withgroup, select the following fields:

    • Fixed asset group- The fixed asset to be moved.

    • Responsible– The responsible employee.

    • Location– The location of the fixed asset.

    • Department- The department of the fixed asset.

  4. In the Ledger postinggroup, specify the following:

    • Date

    • Journal

    • Offset account

  5. Click OK to generate the fixed asset movement.

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