You can modify an EU purchase transaction and specify the reason for the change in the EU sales list form. The transactions are grouped based on the VAT registration ID and trade type. According to Hungarian tax regulations, companies are free to designate their own bank exchange rate. The exchange rate must be calculated as the average of the selling and buying rate of the foreign currency. Companies are also free to designate the date of exchange rate used to calculate the MST amount for orders in foreign currencies. The following two methods can be applied:

  • Shipping date– The shipping date is the date of the packing slip.

  • Fulfillment of contract– The contract fulfillment date is selected as the Intrastat fulfillment date in sales and purchase forms.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> EU sales listto open the EU sales listform.

  2. Click Transferto transfer the posted EU purchase or sales transaction into the EU sales listform.

  3. Select the transactions to be corrected.

  4. In the Directionfield, indicate whether the transaction is a sale or purchase:

    • Vendor– The transaction is a purchase.

    • Customer– The transaction is a sale.

  5. Select the Correctedcheck box to indicate that the transaction is corrected.

  6. Click the Othertab.

  7. Select the Error in registration numbercheck box to indicate that an error in the registration number was corrected.

  8. Select the Error in amountcheck box to indicate that an error in the amount was corrected.

  9. Select the Error in periodcheck box to indicate that an error in the reporting period was corrected.

  10. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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