1. Click Inventory management> Journals> Item counting> Countingto open the Inventory journalform.

  2. Select the journal, and then click Print> Counting list (INV-3)> Officialsto open the Officialsform.

  3. In the Positionfield, select the position title of the official.

    Note Note

    You can set position titles for Chairman, Member, and Person in charge. To create a new position, press CTRL+N to create a new position.

  4. In the Employee namefield, select the name of an official from the list of company employees.

  5. In the Job titlefield, select the job title of the employee.

    Note Note

    You can set up a chairman and up to three officials as the person in charge and member. Use the Officialsform to set up default officials for the counting list.

  6. Click OKto close the form.

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