You can group counted items on the Inventory statement reportbased on an ABC classification.

  1. Click Inventory management> Periodic> ABC classificationto open the ABC classificationform.

    Note Note

    For more information, see "ABC classification (form)" in the Applications and Business Processes Help.

  2. In the From datefield, select the starting date for the grouping.

  3. In the To datefield, select the ending date for the grouping.

  4. In the Internal interest in %field, enter the internal interest as a percentage.

  5. Select the category in the A: Highest, B: Middle, and C: Lowestfields.

    Note Note

    The sum of A+B+C must equal 100.

  6. In the ABC modelfield, select the model based on how the counted items are grouped. The options are:

    • Revenue– Group items in the journal by revenue factor.

    • Margin– Group items in the journal by margin factor.

    • Value– Group items in the journal by value factor.

    • Carrying cost– Group items in the journal by carrying cost factor.

  7. Click Selectto open the Invent Tableform, and then select the criteria to use to group the items on the Inventory statementreport.

  8. Click OKto close the Invent Tableform.

  9. Click OKto run the ABC classification.