Intrastat transactions can be transferred from packing slips and invoices to the Intrastat form to generate reports for specific reporting periods. The Intrastat transaction lines can then be compressed into a single line representing a specific period, based on the parameters set up for compression in the Intrastat form.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastatto open the Intrastatform.

  2. Click Transfer-HUto transfer the Intrastat transactions.

  3. Select the specific invoices or packing slips to transfer the Intrastat transaction details to the report.

  4. Click Selectto set up the filter rules.

  5. In the Intrastatform, click Update> Compressto compress the transactions.

  6. In the Start dateand End datefield, select the period range for compression, and then click OK.

    Note Note

    The transaction lines are compressed based on the parameters defined in the Intrastat parametersform.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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