Use the Transit accountfunction to change the date of a posted transaction. The banking operation type must be created, and a transaction account must be set. This function is applied to transactions of the type Bank-Bank, Cash account-Bank, and Ledger-Bank.

For example, transfer of funds from one account to another (Bank-Bank):

01.08.2004 - Debit bank account no. 1 to Credit bank account no. 2 with 1,000.00.

Transactions are created for each bank account. The original transaction will be reversed:

01.08.2004 - Debit bank account 1 and credit bank account with 1,000.00.

New transactions are created:

  • 03.08.2004 - Debit bank account 1 and Credit 57 with 1,000.00.

  • 03.08.2004 - Debit 57 and Credit bank account 2 with 1,000.00.

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