1. Click Accounts receivable> Journals> Payments> Payment journal.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line, and in the Namefield, select a journal.

  3. Click Linesto open the Journal voucherform.

  4. Enter the required details.

  5. Click Functions> Import paymentsto open the Load diskette with paymentsdialog box.

  6. In the Method of paymentfield, select the method of payment with a Teleteenus or Telehansa import format.

    Note Note

    The method of payment must be set up in the Teleteenus or Telehansa import format in the Methods of payment - Customersform.

  7. Click OKto open the Import paymentsform, and then in the Import file namefield, specify the location of the import file.

  8. Select the Customer settlementcheck box to link the imported payments to customer settlements.

  9. Select a company from the Invoice companyfield, to search for all open payment transactions from that company for the import process.

    Note Note

    Select All companiesto search for open payment transactions from all companies.

  10. Click OKto run the import process.

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