You can generate an Estonian Intrastat report for a posted purchase order, sales order, or free text invoice for a European Union vendor or customer.

Note Note

Each customer or vendor has a country assignment in the customer register or vendor register. The country classification shown in the Country/regionform is designated as EU when the country is part of the European Union.

  1. Click Basic> Periodic> Foreign trade> Intrastatto open the Intrastatform.

  2. Click Transfer - EEto open the Dialogform.

  3. Select a source document to transfer the Intrastat transaction from.

    Note Note

    You can click Selectand set the criteria to transfer the Intrastat transactions from the source document.

  4. Click OKin the Dialogform to transfer the Intrastat transactions from the source document to the Intrastatform.

  5. The transaction amount is displayed in the Statistical valuefield on the Overviewtab. Edit this value if necessary.

  6. On the Generaltab, in the Unitfield group, in the Additional quantityfield, enter the additional quantity of the item.

  7. In the Additional qty unitfield, select the unit for the additional quantity.

    Note Note

    If the unit of the additional quantity of item is different from the default unit, set up the unit conversion rate in the Unit conversionform.

  8. Click Output (6)> Form – EEto open the Intrastat transactionsform.

    Note Note

    You can click Output> Diskette - EEto generate a file from the Intrastat transactions data. Name the file and select the date range for the report. Click OKto generate the file.

  9. On the Generaltab, enter the date range for the report.

  10. Click OKto generate the Estonian Intrastatreport.

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