In accordance with Chapter 25 of the Russian Federation tax code, a company must submit a summary of revenue and expenses that defines their taxable profit base at the end of the tax period. These summaries are generated by creating an online analytical processing (OLAP) cube on the server on which Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP Services) is installed. To create an OLAP cube, you must be included in the group of OLAP administrators. Also, in the Income and expense codesform, you must specify the registers that contain the revenue or expense codes for which totals are to be calculated.

  1. Click the General ledger> Setup> Parameters> Profit taxtab.

  2. In the Cubefield, enter the name of the cube to be generated when calculating the totals.

  3. In the OLAP Server Namefield, specify the name of the OLAP server on which the data will be processed.

  4. In the OLAP databasefield, define the name of the database that will be generated to process the data.

  5. In the Yearsfield, enter the year for which the data calculation will be made.

  6. Click Edit data linkto open the Data Link Propertiesform to set up the source data, depending on the DBMS that is used.

  7. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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