Information for each translation is saved in a separate Translation sessionsform, which governs the translation procedure. Transactions to the target company are translated with the same date with which they were posted to the source company. If the source company has activated the ledger Use corresponding mechanismcheck box ( General ledger> Setup > Parameters), the correspondence is saved when the transactions are translated. If this check box is cleared, transactions are translated without correspondence.

  1. Click General ledger> Periodic> Translation> Translation sessionsto open the Translation sessionsform.

  2. In the Rule groupfield, select a translation group.

  3. Click Translation wizardto open the Translation wizardform, and then click Next.

  4. Click Consistency checkto check the conversion parameters.

    Note Note

    If the Stop on the first errorcheck box is selected in the General ledger parametersform, the translation wizard will not let you proceed to the next step until the conversion parameters are checked for additional errors.

  5. Click Next. Select the start and end dates in the From dateand To datefields for the period for which the translation is to be performed.

  6. Click Inquiryto specify additional transaction selection criteria.

  7. Click Next. In the transaction processing window, click Nextto run the data conversion.

  8. Click Previewto open the Ledger transactions previewform and view the conversion results.

    Note Note

    You can also edit the Account number, Currency, Amount currency, Transaction text, Posting type, Correction, and Dimensionfields.

  9. Click Next> Nextto import the translation data to the target company.

  10. Click Finishafter the translation is completed.

    Note Note

    The Translation sessionsform automatically creates a line for the translation session status when the translation session for the source company is finished. The Export statusand Import statusfields are automatically updated as Completed. The number of translated transactions is also automatically updated in the Number of vouchersform.

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