Companies in Poland must use a fiscal printer for retail sales. A fiscal printer is a special printer that must be certified by the local tax authorities, and the authorities must check its memory periodically. All items that are sold must be registered through the printer. The fiscal printer is connected to the computer through a serial port.

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Fiscal printers supported in the local Polish market include Posnet Thermal and Elzab Omega.

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Setup> Fiscal printers> Fiscal printersto open the Fiscal printersform.

  2. In the Fiscal printerfield, enter a unique code for the fiscal printer.

  3. In the Fiscal printer typefield, select the printer type.

  4. In the Descriptionfield, enter the description of the fiscal printer.

  5. In the Fiscal cash codefield, enter the number of the fiscal printer that is to be printed on the sales bill.

  6. In the COM port numberfield, enter the number of COM port to which the fiscal printer is connected.

  7. In the Certification of printerfield, select the type of operating system certification from the following options:

    • No specification– The fiscal printer operating system is not certified.

    • Old certification– The fiscal printer operating system is older than 1991.

    • New certification– The fiscal printer was assembled after 1991.

  8. Click Fiscal tax codesto open the Sales tax codesform, and then attach the fiscal tax codes to the existing sales tax codes.

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