Debugging a form factory

It may be necessary to debug the code you added to define a form factory. Use the following steps to debug a form factory using the Visual Studio debugger.

  1. Build the debug version of the form factory.

Set the Solution Configuration to Debug, and then rebuild the solution.

  1. Copy the debug symbol file (.dbg) to the same location as the form factory assembly.

The debug symbols must be in the same location as the form factory assembly so they can be found by the debugger.

  1. Set breakpoints in your code.

Set breakpoints in the areas of interest in your code.

  1. Start the application.

Start the application for which you have created for form factory.

  1. Attach to the appropriate process.

In Visual Studio, choose Attach to Process from the Debug menu. Select the process in which the form factory is registered. Typically, this will be Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. Open the form.

Open the form for which you have registered the form factory. The debugger should stop at the first breakpoint, allowing you to step through your code for the form factory.

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