This setting allows you to determine the operating system file extension used for Btrieve tables. This setting is available for Windows applications only.


BtrieveFileNameExtension = extension


extension - The name of the file extension you want to use. The default file extension for Btrieve tables is .BTR.


This setting adds the Btrieve file name extension to the O/S name set in the Table Definition window. If a different name isn't indicated using this setting, the default Btrieve file extension (.BTR) is used instead. For instance, if the O/S name specified in the Table Definition window is INV001, and you set BtrieveFileNameExtension to "GPS," a file named INV001.GPS will be created at the data location you specify.

This setting will work only if you've set the default database type to Btrieve using the DatabaseType setting.

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