This setting changes the way fonts are displayed in the Windows version of an application, allowing extra vertical space to accommodate accented uppercase letters.


NativeFontLeading = option


option - A boolean that indicates whether the NativeFontLeading setting is activated:





Specifies that the application will use the full native font height (leading) in Windows.


Specifies that the application will use a shortened font height in Windows. FALSE is the default value.


By default, Dexterity calculates a font height that is slightly shorter than the native Windows font height. This is done because the extra space is used only for accented uppercase characters, which are not found in U.S. English words. In locales where such characters are not used, the default setting allows more fields to be displayed in a given vertical space.

This setting is intended to be used for applications that are being developed or translated for a locale where accented uppercase characters are used. If NativeFontLeading=TRUE is added to the defaults file, Dexterity will take into account the full font height when displaying text. Be sure to test the application after changing this setting; you may need to adjust the size and placement of fields or graphic elements to fit the increased font height.

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