This setting allows you to define the number of connections to be established between the client and data source when your application is started.


SQLNumInitialConnections = number


number - The number of connections to be established.


If you want your application to use a login window you've created, set the SQLNumInitialConnections to 0 (zero). If the number of initial connections is greater than zero, Dexterity’s predefined SQL Login window will appear before the application is started.

As the number of initial connections increases, users of your application may experience a delay before they receive control of the application, since control isn't released to the user until all of the connections are established.

It’s important to consider the SQLMaxConnections and SQLMaxInactiveConnections settings when determining the value to use for this setting. If your application attempts to create more initial connections than the maximum number of connections allowed, your application won't be allowed to open. A “Too many connections” message will appear and users will be unable to connect to the desired data source. If your application creates more initial connections than the maximum number of inactive connections allowed for your application, the excess connections will be released as soon as they are created.

You can use this setting in conjunction with the SQLMaxInactiveConnections setting to create a connection pool for your application as soon as it’s started.

The maximum value for this setting is five. If this setting isn’t included in the defaults file, no initial connections will be created.

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