This setting allows you to specify the timeout period - the length of time to wait for a command to be completed before discontinuing the attempt and returning to your application.


SQLQueryTimeout = timeout_period


timeout_period - The number of seconds to wait before aborting a command.


This setting limits the length of time Dexterity or your application will wait for a single command to be completed. A completed command is one which returns a value or status code.

If you set your timeout period too low, users could frequently timeout, receiving a message stating that “An open operation on table table_name failed accessing SQL data.”

To cause your application to wait indefinitely for a command to be completed, include this setting in the defaults file and set its value to 0 (zero). If this setting isn’t included in the defaults file, your application will wait 300 seconds (five minutes).

Do not use this setting to set a report timeout period. Use the SQLRprtsTimeout setting instead.

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