This setting allows you to define a specific user ID as the default value to use in the User ID field of Dexterity’s predefined SQL Login window.


SQLUser = user_ID


user_ID - The value to use as the default user ID.


This setting causes the specified user ID to appear in the User ID field in Dexterity's SQL Login window. This value may be typed over if someone other than the default user needs to access a data source from the current computer.

The SQLUser setting won't affect a login window you create for use with your application unless you usethe Defaults_Read() function and the set statement to make this setting's value appear as the default value for your own user ID field.

If this setting isn't included in the defaults file, Dexterity will add the SQLLastUser setting to the defaults file. That setting will be continually updated to show the user ID of the most recent user to connect to a data source from the current computer.

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