This setting specifies which dictionary location ID to use in a launch file.


Workstation2 = dictionary_location_ID


dictionary_location_ID - The name that indicates a set of dictionaries you want a given workstation to use. Each set determines the location of the main dictionary and its forms and reports dictionaries.


When your application is launched, the runtime engine retrieves the dictionary location specified by the Workstation2 setting from the defaults file. Different dictionary location IDs allow a workstation to access a set of dictionaries at predefined locations.

If no dictionary location ID is indicated in the defaults file, a dialog box will appear when your application is launched with the runtime engine. This dialog allows you to select the set of dictionaries you want to use. All dictionary locations currently in the launch file will appear in the Dictionary Location ID list. After a dictionary location ID is selected, it will be added to the Workstation2 setting in the defaults setting.

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