This setting allows you to define the maximum number of rows that can be included in the client buffer.


SQLMaxBufferRows = number


number - The maximum number of rows to be included in the client buffer.


Once the maximum number of rows has been buffered on the client, no more rows will be buffered. No message will warn users that they aren’t accessing all of the relevant data.

It’s important to consider the SQLCursorBlockSize setting when defining a size for the client buffer.

For example, assume an application contains the SQLMaxBufferRows setting with a value of 200, and the SQLCursorBlockSize setting is set to 255, then users will be able to access only the first 200 rows of data that satisfy a query. If a lack of available space on a client hard drive necessitates that the SQLMaxBufferRows setting be lower than 255, the only way users will be able see all data that satisfies a query will be to use a cursor block size of less than or equal to the SQLMaxBufferRows value.

If the SQLMaxBufferRows setting is less than the cursor block size defined, Dexterity will disregard the defined cursor block size and set the cursor block size to the size of the SQLMaxBufferRows setting.

The maximum setting is 5,000 rows. If this setting isn’t included in the defaults file, the size of the client buffer will be limited to 1,000 rows.

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