This setting allows you to define the maximum number of open, inactive connections between the client and data source.


SQLMaxInactiveConnections = number


• number - The number of inactive connections to be kept open.


The SQLMaxInactiveConnections setting determines the maximum number of connections that can be open and unused at one time. Keeping open and inactive connections available for immediate use helps your application’s performance, since users have to wait only once for a connection to be established. If no inactive connections are maintained, users will have to wait for a connection to be established each time one is needed.

Inactive connections are stored in the connection pool. As connections are used and no longer needed, they're added to the connection pool, until the maximum number of inactive connections is reached. When this occurs, connections that are no longer needed are released.

The SQLMaxInactiveConnections and SQLNumInitialConnections can be used in conjunction to create a connection pool when the application is started.

If no pool connections are available, a new connection will be established, unless the maximum number of connections for the application as defined in the SQLMaxConnections setting has been reached.

The maximum number of inactive connections allowed is five. If this setting isn't included in the defaults file, the system default setting of three connections will be used.

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