This setting allows you to specify the location of the DEXSQL.LOG file created when either or both the SQLLogODBCMessages or the SQLLogSQLStmt defaults file settings are active.




path - A pathname specifying where the DEXSQL.LOG file will be written.


If the SQLLogPath setting is included in the defaults file and a valid path is specified, the SQL statements logged when the SQLLogSQLStmt setting is active, as well as the ODBC messages logged when the SQLLogODBCMessages setting is active will be written to a file named DEXSQL.LOG in the location specified. If the file already exists, new information will be appended to the end of the file.

If you choose to log SQL statements and/or ODBC messages, we strongly recommend using this setting to specify a path for the log file. If this setting isn’t included in the defaults file, it's possible that several log files may be created and stored in various locations.

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