This setting is used to provide an identity for multiple process servers running on the same machine.


DPSInstance = nnn


nnn - The instance number, beginning with 1.


Running multiple process servers on a single machine is most useful on multiprocessor systems, because it makes efficient use of the machine's resources. For instance, a two-processor machine running a threaded operating system, such as Windows NT, can run two process servers effectively, because each process server will be serviced by one processor.

To run an additional instance of the process server on a system, you need to place another complete installation of the process server in a separate directory. Each process server installation must have its own defaults file. The DPSInstance setting in a particular defaults file identifies the corresponding instance of the process server.

You’ll use the instance name in all places where you specify a server name, such as when defining process servers in a particular service. Services are part of Dexterity’s load balancing feature.

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