This setting displays a More Info button in the Process Monitor window - client/server. Clicking the button displays the More Info window, which lists additional information about the current machine and its load. A button in the More Info window enables or disables logging of process server events.


QueueMoreInfo = option


option - A boolean that indicates whether the QueueMoreInfo setting is activated:





Specifies that the More Info button will be displayed in the client/server version of the Process Monitor window.


Specifies that the More Info button won't be displayed. False is the default value.


This setting can be used on either a client or a process server. When displayed on a client, the More Info window will display information about normal, timed and remote processes. When displayed on machine running the process server, the window will display information about normal and timed process groups only.

Information in the window reflects activity at the time the window was first opened, and is not dynamically updated. Click the Redisplay button to refresh the window with current process information.

Clicking the Enable Logging button generates the same log file as produced by the DebugQueue setting.

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