This setting allows an application running in Dexterity test mode or with the runtime engine to display additional items in the Macro menu. These items are designed to help you test your application.

This setting only controls whether the Advanced Macro menu items will be available in a runtime environment. To access the additional items while in Dexterity tools mode and Dexterity Utilities, hold down the SHIFT key and choose Play from the Macro menu. Click Cancel in the dialog box that appears. The next time you display the Macro menu, it will include the additional items. If you quit and restart Dexterity or Dexterity Utilities, the standard Macro menu will reappear.


ShowAdvancedMacroMenu = option


option - A boolean indicating whether the ShowAdvancedMacroMenu setting is activated:





Specifies that the advanced macro menu items will be available.


Specifies that only the standard macro menu items will be available. FALSE is the default value.


When you add this setting to the defaults file and set it to TRUE, the Advanced item will appear at the bottom of the Macro menu. When you point to it, a submenu will appear with additional menu items: Status, Window Dump, Field Dump, Insert Header, and Insert Comment.

We strongly recommend that you don't tell your customers about the advanced Macro menu. Items on this menu are for developer use only.

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