This setting, when used in conjunction with specific report formatting, allows each record in a report body section to be exported to a tab-delimited or comma-delimited file as a single line.


ExportOneLineBody = option


option - A boolean indicating whether report body records will be exported as a single line:





Causes an entire record in the report body to appear as a single line in an export file.


Causes each line in the body of a report to be exported as a separate line in the export file. FALSE is the default value.


If you will be using reports to export data to tab-delimited or comma-delimited files, you must place fields on the report layout in a special way so the export file has the proper format. The fields to export must be placed in the body of the report, in the order they are to appear in the export file. The following illustration shows the layout of a report to export seller data from the Real Estate Sales Manager sample application.


When you add the ExportOneLineBody = TRUE setting to the defaults file and export the report, the items in the report body will appear as a single line in the export file. The following illustration shows the output file when the report above is exported to a comma-delimited file.


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