The FileOpen command indicates the options chosen in the native “file open” dialog box when a file is selected to be opened. The options indicate the location and the type of the file to be opened.


FileOpen file relative_path type type


relative_path - The path, in generic format, indicating the location of the file being opened. The path can be an absolute or relative path.

Relative paths allow indication of the current directory, subdirectories or parent directories. In generic format, ./ indicates the current directory while ../indicates one directory level up. The following table contains some examples of relative paths.


Relative path



The file TEST.TXT in the current directory.


The file TEST.TXT in the subdirectory DATA.


The file TEST.TXT, up one level in the directory structure.

../ ../TEST.TXT

The file TEST.TXT, up two levels in the directory structure.

type - Currently, this parameter only has the value 0.

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