Examples: DblClickHit

In the following example, a user activates the House Explorer window, focuses on the Houses Tree field, toggles the Fargo node to its expanded state, and then double-clicks the 419 Roberts Street node. The action causes the node's double-click script to run, which in this case opens the Houses window and displays the house record. Note that the ClickHit command is recorded before the DblClickHit command to indicate that focus moved to the node:

NewActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form Houses window 'House_Explorer' 
	ClickHit field 'Houses Tree' item 1 # 'Casselton' 1
	ItemExpand field 'Houses Tree' item 3 # 'Fargo' 1
	ClickHit field 'Houses Tree' item 4 # '419 Roberts Street' 2
	DblClickHit field 'Houses Tree' item 4 # '419 Roberts Street' 2
ActivateWindow dictionary 'default'  form Houses window Houses 

The following illustration shows the tree view field described in this example:


In the following example, a user opens the RESM_Explorer window and double-clicks the fourth item in the Explorer_List list view field, opening the Buyers window:

ActivateWindow dictionary 'default'  form 'Main Menu' window 'Tool_Bar' 
	ClickHit field 'Explorer Button' 
NewActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form 'RESM_Explorer' window 'RESM_Explorer' 
	MoveTo field 'Explorer_List' item 0 # ''
	ClickHitMS field 'Explorer_List' item 4 # 'Kyle Anderson'
	SelChanged field 'Explorer_List' 
	DblClickHit field 'Explorer_List' item 0 # ''
NewActiveWin dictionary 'default'  form Buyers window Buyers 

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