The SelectAccel command represents the keyboard equivalent of choosing an accelerator key.


SelectAccel, accelerator_character # button_name


accelerator_character - The character used in the accelerator key.

button_name - The name of the button that was "pressed" by using the accelerator key. The name is included as a comment.


When an accelerator key is recorded in a macro, a line containing SelectAccel command is recorded as a comment. The corresponding MoveTo and ClickHit commands are also recorded, and are actually used when the macro is played. To use the SelectAccel functionality, edit the macro to comment out the MoveTo and ClickHit commands and remove the comment designator (#) from the beginning of the line containing the SelectAccel command.

This command is intended to be used primarily for testing purposes, to assure that accelerator keys are working properly before an application is distributed to customers.

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