The ItemExpand command is recorded when the user clicks the expansion button for a node in a tree view field when the node is collapsed. The action expands the node.


ItemExpand field field_ID item node_index # 'node_label' level


field_ID - The name of the tree view field containing the node.

node_index - An integer indicating the order the node appears in the field. The first node's index is 1, the second node's index is 2, and so forth. The index is based on a count of all nodes in the tree view field, regardless of whether the nodes are currently visible.

The node index is NOT related to the node ID assigned to individual nodes.

node_label - The text label applied to the node. The label follows a comment symbol and is surrounded by single quotation marks.

level - An integer indicating the node's hierarchical level, 1 for root-level nodes, 2 for their children, and so forth.

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