Compiler Messages

Compiler messages can appear when you're working with the script compiler. When a problem occurs, the message will be displayed in a dialog box. After you've read the message, click OK to close the message dialog box. The insertion point will return to the line in the script that caused the alert.

Some messages specify the resource, such as a field or form, that caused the error. Italic type is used to indicate items that will be substituted when the message is displayed.

Many compiler messages result from misspellings when referencing items in a script. To ensure that an item is referenced properly, you can use the Names feature in the Script Editor window. Click the Names button in the Script Editor and find the name of the item you're referencing. When you locate the item, highlight it and click Select; the Script Editor window will reappear. Place the insertion point in the location where the name is referenced and choose Paste from the Edit menu. The name will appear (qualified, if necessary) in the location where you placed the insertion point.

Compiler messages list

Array array_name must have a constant size.

Can't message a constant.

Cannot find field field_name.

Cannot find form form_name.

Cannot find global script script_name.

Cannot find menu menu_name.

Cannot find report report_name.

Cannot find scrolling window window_name.

Cannot find table table_name.

Cannot find the composite resource for field field_name.

Cannot find window window_name.

Cannot use in parameter parameter_name as l-value.

Cannot use out parameter parameter_name as r-value.

Comment unterminated.

Expression not allowed in function_name.

Field_name is an array and requires a subscript.

Field_name is not an array.

Index out of bounds for array array_name.

Internal error: message.

Local variable variable_name not found.

More than 256 parameters.

Name declared twice.

No current field.

Operands incompatible with operator operator.

Out of memory.

Parameters after locals not allowed.

Probably an infinite loop_type loop.

Syntax Error, probably a missing end <something> or a missing '.'.

Syntax error: name.

Table table_name does not have a key key_name.

The field field_name isn't in table table_name.

The field field_name isn't in window window_name.

The table table_name isn't part of form form_name.

The window window_name isn't part of form form_name.

This script name already exists.

Too many local variables.

Type incompatibility message.

Type literal too large.

Unknown identifier name.

Window_name is not a scrolling window.

Wrong number of arguments to function_name.

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