Dexterity Messages

Dexterity messages can appear when you're working in Dexterity tools mode. When a problem occurs, the message will be displayed in a dialog box. After you've read the message, click OK or Cancel to close the message dialog box.

Dexterity messages

A composite format must have a format string.

A field is already open.

A form is already open.

A picture with this name already exists.

A primary key is required on a SQL table.

A report is already open.

A SQL table name cannot start with a numeric.

All occurrences of this picture should be removed before deleting.

All of the required fields have not been entered.

Big text or picture field cannot be encrypted.

Cannot add a field without a physical name.

Key segment cannot be encrypted.

Keyable length is too large for this control type.

Keyable length must be greater than or equal to 0.

Only one primary key is allowed per table.

Please mark small line item first.

Please mark small line item.

The Cursor Block Size must be between 1 - 255.

There can be only one clustered key for a table.

This field already exists in the window.

This index is already used on this window.

You cannot edit the system dictionary.

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