Scrolling Window Layout window


Allows you to design the appearance of scrolling windows in your application. This window functions much like the Layout window. To add and manipulate fields and other objects in the Scrolling Window Layout window, use tools from the Toolbox window. Set properties for the scrolling window or objects in it using the Properties window.

Scrolling windows are unlike standard windows in that they never appear by themselves in a Dexterity application. Like fields, they must be added to the layout area of an existing window using the Toolbox's Scrolling Window tool. When you create a scrolling window, you'll be prompted to name the scrolling window and selected a link table. After you've done so, the scrolling window will appear in the layout area of the window you placed it in, with its name in the lower left corner and an auto-drawn scroll bar along the right side.

In the Window Layout window you can resize the scrolling window by selecting it and dragging one of its resize handles. You can select the scrolling window and then use the Properties window to change the visual characteristics of the scrolling window.

When you create the layout for a scrolling window, you are creating the layout for only one line of the scrolling window. This line is drawn in the scrolling window once for each record in the linked table, until the scrolling window is full. The fields you add to the scrolling window determine what each line in the scrolling window will display at runtime.

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To display this window

Select a scrolling window in the Layout window. Choose Open Scrolling Window from the Tools menu.

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