Virtual Table Definition window


Allows you to create or modify virtual tables. A virtual table stores information about the relationships created between member tables. When a virtual table is created, it is necessary to add member tables, member fields, member keys, as well as relationship definitions.

Because a virtual table does not exist as a physical entity, a virtual table must be read-only. This characteristic makes a virtual table ideal for tasks where data is read, such as when creating reports or scrolling windows.

Refer to the following topic for more information about virtual tables:


To display this window

From the menu bar: To create a new virtual table, point to New in the Explorer menu and choose Table (Virtual). To modify an existing virtual table, select view from the Explorer menu, choose tables, and select the appropriate table in the Resource Explorer. Click the Open button.

From the Resource Explorer: To create a new virtual table, click the arrow next to the New Button. Select Table (Virtual) from the list. To modify an existing virtual table, select Table from the tree view and select the appropriate table. Click Open.

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